One evening my granddaughter came home from school complaining to her mother that she had a headache. My daughter didn't pay much attention to this at the time because Autumn often complained about a headache from the bus ride home.  When Autumn laid down at 5 o'clock and went to sleep, well then the whole situation changed very quickly and we ended up at the local E.R. where It was determined that Autumn had ended up with a concussion from when she feel in gym class and hit her head. On the way to the hospital we encountered a huge thunder storm brewing. The clouds were building and rolling in all different directions at the same time. The colors of the cloud tops (25,000 to 30,000 ft.) were astounding. The Blues and Grays, Blacks and purples were all twisting and turning closer to the ground and getting more ominous looking. My daughter Jennifer took some fantastic pictures from the car window as we were driving. The storm blew by and Autumn got a few days home from school but was ok and this picture came to life from that series of events. Yep life is great.



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