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     I once joked that the only snow that I liked anymore was the snow in a picture, hanging on a wall. Castle Winter could be or would be the exception to that thought. The idea of living in a castle has always been intriguing to me. Can you imagine traveling through some mountainous region of the world, out exploring the local forest and as you’re wondering in the woods, you find a small unmarked trail leading up the side of the mountain. Slowly you fallow the trail deeper into the forest, all the while the snow and ice are getting increasingly deeper, until you finally end up at the end of the trail where you find yourself looking across at a drawbridge to a hidden castle, on the other side of a huge, deep opening in the earth below you. As you start to admire what a wondrous place you have uncovered, you also start to ponder how you get inside. Is there someone watching you who will lower the draw bridge? Is there another way in or will you have to find an alternative route altogether? Do you think about who owns this special palace or what secrets that it contains? Do you think about the stories those walls could tell if they were able to talk after standing the test of time? Yep life is great.