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      Some days you wake up to chaos. This morning a cold front had blown in overnight. The wind was whipping around 20 mph out of the West
(straight off the Gulf of Mexico) and there was a drizzle blowing sideways for a lack of a better description that made the 60 degree temperature just seem raw. I poured my quart of coffee and settled into my chair, trying to wake up and decide which way the day was going to go. I knew it had been a couple weeks sense I created something beautiful for the site and have been trying for the last couple days to come up with one idea that would survise from the many hundred just rolling around the inside of my head. I got up and headed to the front porch as I do every morning to Thank God for another day. When I opened the door I was greeted with the most incredible Blue sky that I had seen in a while in spite of the chaos from a short while ago. When I sat down at my drawing table I recreated that sky. Yep life is great.

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