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     It is a typical summer day, its hot out and there is just a little breeze blowing, I have finished some of the minor projects and just don’t have the energy to go after some of the major projects on my to do list. I am sitting at my desk with my drawing board just kinda staring back at me ( I hate when it does that) acting neglected and all and as I am sitting there thinking I realized the end of another month is drawing near and I am still a couple of pictures short of my monthly goal, so I pull out the pencils and start to draw while I am considering what to put on the paper, in the back of my mind I find myself thinking that I would much rather be sitting on the beach. When I got to where I was happy with what the paper had become, I did what I normally do and asked Cathy and Jennifer for their opinion of my work. They both told me that it looked good and then Cathy added that it just looked like another plain day. Yep I signed it right then. Life is great