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       Somedays I sit and I struggle to get the artwork to the page. Somedays I sit and talk to the paper and ask it what it would like to be. Somedays the paper just decides what it wants to be. Today was one of those days as the colors just seemed to flow together.  I have always found the sunsets in Florida to be some of the most amazing that I have ever seen. Most of the time they are just the sun setting with a little bit of color or no color at all however there seem to have been a whole lot more color in the last few months. The sky seems to light up with a lot of oranges and reds and the water seems to be a brighter shade of blue. As I sit and ponder all of the world’s problems I have come to a few simple conclusions. 1st just it go for you can’t fix stupid. 2nd kick back and enjoy what is important and finally yes life is still great.

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