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      There are so many days that we are blessed to be here to watch the setting sun, somedays the sunsets are just so very spectacular with all kinds of brilliant colors and crazy cloud formations going every which way. However most of the sunsets are just a huge glowing ball falling out of the sky landing in a large body of water that looks relativity the same everyday with only a few subtle changes. And this is when you realize just what you are missing, weather you are on a beach or the top of a mountain watching a sunset, it is about the joy that your alive to see such a gorgeous sight. To be able to feel the breeze or the wind blowing across your face. To have the water rushing up against your feet, as the sand oozes though your toes. To be able to smell the air all around you as you take the few minutes of pure bliss just to see how large the world around you really is. That’s what makes every sunset so very different. Yes life just got better.


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